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The Moke Bike

By 19th July 2017No Comments

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In the months leading up to Extreme Wales series two we’ve had a multitude of problems to overcome, but one that was most pressing and has the most creative solution, was how we would film our cycling episode this year. We’re travelling over rougher terrain and going far further than we did last year, and the filming permissions are understandably more stringent. We weren’t allowed to use anything motorised to film, whereas usually we would have access to quad bikes or motorbikes we had to think laterally for a viable solution.

After some intensive research we found the Moke bike, an all terrain electric powered utility bike. The only trouble is that the bike can only be found in one shop in Palma, Mallorca so we need to send someone out to get it. We got in touch with Thor at Urban DriveStyle and told him about our plan to use his bike, and he kindly agreed to loan the bike to us for use on Extreme Wales; and was even keen for us to use it on other projects!

What we hadn’t realised is that, due to the size of the bike and power of the battery the two parts had to travel separately. The bike would travel by plane and the battery, unable to fly, would have to be brought back over land.


Our PC/Researcher Jonathan has been tasked with collecting the body of the bike and bringing it back to the One Tribe TV HQ. Although the flight had been prearranged, we still had difficulty getting the large bike through the check in stage. After a few frantic conversations Jonathan managed to straighten everything out and the bike was permitted to travel on the plane.


Collecting the battery was always going to be an endurance test as it could only travel over land, Lewis was the lucky staff member that got to travel to Palma and pick it up. The trip started at 4am with a flight to Palma from Bristol, from Palma Lewis had to take an 8 hour ferry back to the mainland followed by a 20 hour coach journey across Europe to get back to Calais. From Dover the 4 hours back to Bath was just a drop in the ocean, and after an epic 60 hour journey the two elements of the bike were here in the One Tribe TV HQ.


Now that we have the bike back with us we can work out how we’re going to use it. The plan initially was to have someone steering the bike whilst another person sits on the back filming, so it was always going to take some practice. After a few runs out on the road in front of the office, and a lot of harnessing we managed to come up with a system that worked well for everyone involved. Now we just needed to wait to use the bike off road in Wales!

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