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Albert Carbon Literacy Course Blog

By 28th February 2019No Comments

As part of encouraging and implementing greener, more sustainable working practices here at One Tribe, we sent Cameron and Francesca to Cardiff yesterday to attend Albert’s Carbon Literacy course at Splice post-production house. Albert is a BAFTA, indie and broadcaster-backed project to support the UK production and broadcast industry’s transition to environmental sustainability, working in collaboration to accelerate the adoption of best, green practices. Find out more about Albert here:

At One Tribe, we’re conscious of our effect on the planet and do what we can to help minimise our impact. We are diligent recyclers, composters, avoid unnecessary purchases (we hire where we can), and do our best to minimise the amount travelled by crew. But we also recognise that we, and so many others, could be doing more…

We’re always working and shooting in the beautiful outdoors, and the thought of it one day no longer being “beautiful” scares and angers us. This is why we are committing to more sustainable practices, including no longer using as much paper for our call sheets, risk assessments, research notes and anything else that could be viewed electronically (hello, iPads!). We’re also cutting down on how many plastic water bottles we take on shoot, opting for refillables instead, and researching into ways we can source our power from renewable sources and suppliers. All this, along with tracking and managing our carbon footprint with Albert, means we can do our bit for this wonderful world and normalise sustainable approaches when working in television!

As part of the course, Cameron and Fran each had to commit to one sustainable change in their lives. Cameron decided he would no longer use as much water when washing the dishes and would be a better, more conscious consumer of items – buying less and from more sustainable sources. Fran decided she would be more conscious when recycling and composting, and to try and be paperless with her work ethic by using iPads instead.

What more sustainable practice could YOU adopt? Let us know by tweeting us or sending a message on our Instagram/Facebook pages!

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