Pet Fit Club – Part 1

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The One Show is full of creature comforts tonight, or should I say comfortable creatures? We’re starting our journey with the over weight pets of Derby as they strive to get down to a more agile size.

We met some really interesting characters on this shoot, and it’s definitely evident in the final piece. The pets all have great character, and that stems from their owners. Unfortunately the care and affection can be the undoing of some animals as they are given too many “treats”, the owners all have to act now before they’re little friends are killed with kindness.

On The Road

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On The Road | Title Sequence from One Tribe TV on Vimeo.

Richard Mainwaring, along with our good friends at Holey and Moley have helped us make the 4th series of TenCent’s hit show “On the road”. The first episode of which is being transmitted across China this week. The show focuses on a married couple continuing their around the world adventures, exploring unique and exciting environments, creating memories and sharing stories along the way.

This our first China based project to go to broadcast, we’re sure the first of many to come!

Mangled Money – Wednesday 3rd May 2017

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Mangled Money TX Card

If you’ve ever left a fiver in your pocket as it’s gone through a cycle on the washing machine you’ll want to watch tonight’s The One Show. Gyles Brandreth takes the issues right to the top, as he sits down with the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, Victoria Cleland.

We all had fun with this one, look out for members of the team dropping in as extras for our recreations.

Special guest stars: Rory John Anderson, Mimi Templar-Gay, Lewis Garrard and the voice of Jessie Anderson

Hapless criminals and underground filming

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For our latest The One Show insert we have employed the help of some local actors to recreate the activities of the famed “Mole in the wall gang”. A group of hapless criminals that terrorised Manchester’s jewellry stores in the mid 90’s, but only managed to pilfer a measly sum that equates to less than the national minimum wage!

Our team take on the challenge of filming in the literal urban underbelly of greater Manchester, seeing a different side of the city.

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