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Debunked: Dechmont Woods … One Show

By The One Show, Tx Cards

In Scotland forty years ago, a forestry worker by the name of Robert Taylor encountered what he believed was an attack by a UFO in Dechmont Woods in West Lothian. Presenter Matt Allwright investigates the reports made by police detectives of this terrifying extra-terrestrial encounter and tries to get to the bottom of what really happened to Robert Taylor on 9th November 1979.

BBC One TONIGHT – 7.00pm.

One Very Vertical Challenge – One Show

By The One Show, Tx Cards
On the One Show tonight…
Joe Crowley investigates the cutting-edge technology developed by a UKs engineering company that is leading the world into autonomous flight. Joe visits the London Science Museum to gain knowledge into the first VTOL aircraft and meets with entrepreneur Martin Warner, whose space age vision, now brought to life in the form of prototype, is hoping to be the future of air travel.
7.00pm, BBC ONE.

Adebanji Visits Bristol Children’s Hospital – One Show

By Tx Cards
ONE Show artist Adebanji Alade vists Bristol Children’s Hospital with his sketchbook to meet Kate, 7, who has been diagnosed with leukaemia and Abbie, 13, who has cystic fibrosis. As he captures them in portrait form he learns what it’s like to spend the festive season in hospital and what their hopes are for Christmas.

Frosty The Scientific Snowman – One Show

By Tx Cards

Marty Jopson finds out if science can help him build the perfect snowman. Darcey Crownshaw, from Wizards of Blizzards Snow Business, explains how they make real snow for the movies, before producing a tonne of the stuff using liquid nitrogen and water. Enter Dr. Ed Breeds, from Nottingham University, who has come up with a formula to build the aesthetically perfect, longer-lasting scientific snowman.

Bang Goes The Bedsheet Ghost – One Show

By Tx Cards
Tonight on The One Show, Gyles Brandreth explores a spooky craze that hit the UK where people dressed as ghosts used to to scare passers-by in the streets & churchyards in the early 19th Century. That was until a workman was shot dead in the streets of London in the mistaken belief he was a ghost, and a law was then put in to put a stop to it. Watch at 19:00 on BBC One tonight!

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