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Snow day already?

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One Tribe TV must’ve been the only office in England to have their first ‘Snow-Day’ of the year.

How you ask? Real life snow given to us from a potential idea for the future.

Watch this space …

Nothing like finding old photos

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This one’s from 2015. Dale ( One Tribe TV’s MD) with Ian Forbes (One Tribe TV safety advisor) stopping for a brew in the jungles of Puerto Rico while making Bear Grylls’ Mission Survive for ITV (Betty). Check out those snake gators and serious boots – we needed them too!

Would Your Child Like to Join Jonnie’s Blade Camp?

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New C4 programme – tag a parent who might be interested.

Does your child need a prosthetic leg (or legs) to take part in sport? Would you like to see your kid get even more active? How would he or she like to train with double champion Jonnie Peacock on a blade at his very own ‘blade camp’?

If your kid is between 8 and 15 years old and wants to get back into running, or wants the confidence to try running for the first time with his or her own blade, then One Tribe TV wants to hear from you. They are making a new prime time documentary ‘Jonnie’s Blade Camp’ to air as part of Channel 4’s 2020 Paralympics season of programmes.

To find out more, email and introduce your family. One Tribe TV will then get in touch.

To find out what happens to your data, go to:

Please note: an expression of interest does not guarantee participation.

Coming Soon…Jonnie’s Blade Camp

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Paralympian Jonnie Peacock is to mentor and train four disabled children in a new One Tribe TV documentary for Channel 4.

One Tribe TV is searching for children aged from 8 to 15 to take part in Jonnie’s Blade Camp [working title], in which the 100m champion will put them through their paces over eight months.

Peacock will set each child a goal and meet them several times over the training period to offer mentoring, support and encouragement.

The series will feature children who regularly use a prosthetic leg and each of the participants will receive and keep their own running blade.

“Giving disabled youngsters the support and encouragement they need to stay active doesn’t just help them physically – it can potentially provide them with a life-changing sense of confidence and self-worth,” says Peacock.

“This isn’t the search for the next Paralympic sprint champion. This project is about opening young people’s eyes so they can release their potential and realise how much they can achieve, whether that’s participating in structured sport or just running around and messing about in the playground with their friends.”

The series will air in the lead-up to C4’s coverage of next year’s Paralympic Games.

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