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November 2017

The Mystery of the Solway Spaceman

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The Solway Spaceman Tx Card


Catch one of our inserts on tonight’s One Show, this time we’re with Joe Crowley investigating the mystery of the Solway Spaceman. A mysterious figure that wandered in to the background of an unassuming family photograph has caused arguments for decades, we’re going to try and recreate the moment and finally get to the bottom of the mystery.

For this shoot we used a model of the original camera, using the same film and similar conditions (Although not quite as sunny, but when did British weather do it’s supposed to?)

Deck the development halls!

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We’re getting in the festive spirit in the Bath office, we’ve event got an advent calendar!

Jay is settling in to his new role as junior researcher, currently working on a multitude of exciting projects and loving every second of it! Elsewhere we have two edits running simultaneously, and several shoots planned for the following weeks. So although we’re looking forward to a Christmas break, there’s still a lot to do before we get there.

“Creative Pathways” Cardiff

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We’ve had a fantastic day at the Creative Pathways event, we met an enormous amount of people and had some really interesting discussions. Lewis, Cameron & Owen were chosen to represent the company in Wales, with Owen sitting on a panel inspiring youngsters on how they can change a hobby into a career. After setting up our stand with Extreme Wales playing on loop, and Lewis doing a live edit, there was a steady flow of interest in One Tribe TV. We met a lot of youngsters interested in what we do, and had some genuinely encouraging conversations. The young people talking to us often knew that they wanted to work in the media but didn’t know how to get started, having Cameron there really helped bridge the gap as he is just taking the first steps into his career. As often happens with these kinds of events, we learned from the people engaging with us. As a company we’re always keen to encourage new and emerging talent, we engaged with the young people to learn what they want to get out of a work experience placement, and how we can help them fulfil their potential.

Here we come “Creative Pathways” Cardiff

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This week you can catch us at Cardiff City Hall, we’re taking part in the “Creative Pathways” event. We’re joining some of the amazing talent in the area to promote careers in the creative industries, we’re looking forward to meeting all the talented youngsters interested in pursuing a vocational career!

Will you be at the event? If you want to ask us anything in anticipation contact

Filming: Pet fit club part 2

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We’ve been back to the PDSA centre in Derby this week, filming for our follow up to the first pet fit club insert on the One show. The portly pets have had 6 months to get in to shape, and we came back to see the biggest loser announced. Jonathon had to adapt to filming far faster moving animals this time around as all the pets and their owners had done extraordinarily well. We started the day in the park being greeted by a happy and active Lola, and went on to see the progress of the other animals throughout the day.

While you’ll have to wait to find out the winner, we can say this; you’ll be shocked by how different the animals look.