Holey & Moley Ltd

About our partners;
Holey & Moley

Holey and Moley are creative.  They are award winning specialists providing experienced tailored services that range from graphic design, animation & visual effects to direction for corporate clients, advertising agencies, and the broadcast and entertainment industries.  One Tribe TV have been working with Holey & Moley for decades producing award winning creative productions.  With this great understanding comes a strong team ethic, conceptual outlook and vibrant response that epitomises the One Tribe TV collaboration.

Holey & Moley maintain strong focus on their client’s needs to stay globally-competitive, and pride themselves on being conceptual, professional and cost effective.  They always ensure their clients are working with a lead creative; this keeps them distinguished, personal and flexible to ensure their clients constantly feel in touch with their projects and remain involved with the creative process.

Team work is important to Holey & Moley, they thrive on their relationships built with their clients and are always willing to risk the unusual so that they never settle for the ordinary. One Tribe TV reflect this ethos and are proud to partner with Holey & Moley.