Ian Forbes

Expedition & Safety Manager

About Ian…

Ian has been working with  Dale Templar (Managing Director – One Tribe TV) since 2002 – on the hit BBC 2 series SAS:Are You Tough Enough. Since then he has been offering his essential expedition expertise and safety support  on a range of series including Human Planet and Bear Grylls: Mission Survive for ITV 1 .  Ian spent 25 years in the  military  before joining The Lifesigns Group as an expedition leader, taking school groups to remote locations . He has personally led well over 50 overseas expeditions and projects in many hostile and challenging environments. Ian  has trained journalists in hostile environment skills and understands the production demands of taking crews to remote and adventurous locations.  He is highly aware of the sensitivity required  when dealing with different cultures and customs in foreign countries and quickly builds close relationships with fixers on the ground.
Ian is qualified as a Mountain Leader, has a range of NGB qualifications and is a  Wilderness EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).  He has worked in the field on all types of extreme environment and locations including deserts (he ran the infamous  Marathon Des Sable in 2014), high altitude (extensive experience in Nepal and Peru)  and has excellent mountaineering skills.

Ian Forbes – Expedition and Safety Manager – OTTV partner.