Jonathon Aiken

Camera Operator

About Jonathon…

Jonathon has been working as a camera operator and camera assistant with One Tribe TV since June 2016. He has been making short films since the age of 9, always having wanted to work in TV, and is also a keen photographer. Jonathon met Dale when she saw a 30-minute documentary exploring the reasons behind ‘The Rise of Atheism in Today’s Youth’ (link) that he made independently when he was 17, and she offered him a week of work experience following that.

Jonathon likes to travel, and has managed to visit to most of Europe, a little bit of Africa and most of South America in the last few years. Highlights have included Iceland, Turkey and Namibia.

He worked on both series of Extreme Wales with Richard Parks, regularly shoots One Show segments and has recently finished shooting main camera on a minute documentary for BBC1 West about the slave trade. He also shot second camera on some of series 3 of Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau.

Long term, Jonathon us working his way up to the role of Director of Photography in the documentary genre.