Jonathon Aiken

Camera Assistant

About Jonathon…

Jonathon joined the team as a Camera and Technical Assistant in June 2016 at the end of his Gap Year. This was originally just going to be for a few months before going to the University of Exeter to study Geography.

He’s a keen photographer and videographer, and has been making short films since the age of 9, always having wanted to work in TV. Jonathon met Dale when she saw an 30-minute documentary exploring the reasons behind ‘The Rise of Atheism in Today’s Youth’ (link) that he made independently when he was 17, and she offered him a week of work experience following that.

Jonathon likes to get around, and has managed to visit to most of Europe, a little bit of Africa and most of South America either independently or with friends in the last few years. Highlights have included Iceland, Turkey and Namibia. His most recent trip was to South America where he spent a lot of his first Gap Year (hence the photo with the alpacas in Bolivia above). It also helped improve his Spanish and allowed him to spend time with some extended family and friends who live in Argentina.

Jonathon has decided to defer his university place again, and stick around at One Tribe for a bit longer. Long term he hopes to work his way up to the role of Director of Photography in the documentary genre.

Might also get round to going to uni at some point. We’ll see how it goes on that one!