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Extreme Wales Episode Two

By 2nd August 2017No Comments


The latest episode of Extreme Wales sees Richard cycling across the Welsh countryside, and meeting a wide selection of Welsh nationals along the way. The scale of this episode presents the biggest issue, the sheer distance covered is a hazard in itself, let alone the terrain and weather.

Whenever filming on locations such as this communication is key, unfortunately the mobile coverage in rural Wales leaves a lot to be desired. We’re lucky enough to be joined again by local Raynet enthusiasts using their state of the art equipment to keep comms running smoothly.

It’s also the maiden voyage of the Moke bike, it’s really thrown in at the deep end as we put it through it’s paces on some less than friendly routes stretching from forests to, beaches and even a mountain! The bike was a real life saver, and allowed us to get some fantastic shots that we wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.

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