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Sex: A Bonkers History

Making our new 5-part series for Sky History

There may have never been a TV programme so aptly titled as our latest series ‘Sex: A Bonkers History’ - as bonkers (yet brilliant!) it has truly been from start to finish.


From the early stages of development (when the show was merely a twinkle in One Tribe’s eye) to the first airing of the series this Monday (Monday 18th September), this show has provided the team with a whole host of weird and wacky production stories and plenty of…unconventional…workplace conversations which we shall certainly never forget (but maybe wish we could).

Exploring over 2,000 years of our cheeky and not so squeaky history in the bedroom, our production team never failed to be fascinated and shocked by the ways in which sex played an important and at times essential part in our ancestors’ lives. Shoots involved everything from setting up our own Victoria’s Secret-style runway for Queen Victoria to arranging hundreds of high-tech dildos by theme for one interview -and whilst we may not be rushing to try out Ancient Roman dating, Tudor aphrodisiacs or Victorian foreplay anytime soon, it has certainly made us all the more appreciative of our modern-day contraceptives... especially as it turns out making a condom from scratch is NOT easy.

Yet along with the multitude of crazy and compelling stories we wanted to share in our series, another reason this show was so much fun to make was getting to work with the duo who led our on-screen sex-pedition – the brilliant Amanda Holden and Dan Jones.


Our Presenters

When it first came to discussing who should front the series, we knew we needed someone with the history chops and the charisma to help guide us through the different historical eras, which made historian and New York Times best-seller Dan a no brainer. Yet as a team, we felt it was important to have the show led by someone who understands first-hand both the positive and negative power sex and sexuality can hold in our society. Someone who owns their confidence and their allure (especially when often placed in the limelight), but who understands what a double-edged sword that power can be – facing persecution and praise in equal measure. For us, this made the bright, bold, hilarious and captivating Amanda our perfect choice to lead us on this wild journey.

Over a number of very busy and action-packed shoots, Amanda and Dan never failed to make every day not only immense fun, but valuable and illuminating – both getting stuck in and saying yes to (almost) everything we’d ask of them; whether that be learning to joust in just one day, hosting a swinger’s party in West London or sitting for a portrait totally in the buff. There were plenty of things Amanda and Dan probably never thought they’d be doing and even more things we never thought we’d be asking them to do, but as was the way with this show and there are no two other individuals we would have wanted to experience all these bonkers shoots with.


And Finally

All in all, Sex: A Bonkers History is a show none of us will ever forget. There are so many people who made this series possible, but special shout-outs must go to Amanda, Dan and all the team at Sky History who believed in this show and who trusted us to make SEX both entertaining and educational for the screen. Our thoughts and condolences also go out to the family and friends of Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold, who we had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing for our final episode of the series.

Now we only hope that you enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed making it.

The first episode of Sex: A Bonkers History airs on Monday 18th September at 9pm on Sky History.


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