Simon Parker

Travel Writer - Speaker - Presenter

Simon Parker is a travel writer, public speaker, presenter and foreign correspondent working for the BBC, The Telegraph and The Independent.

He has reported from over 100 countries in the past decade – including reports for the BBC radio shows: Newshour, PM, From Our Own Correspondent, The World at One, Sportshour and Stumped. In 2016, Simon sailed and cycled over 15,000 miles from China to London, for a BBC World Service documentary and Daily Telegraph series.

Simon’s first 5-part TV travel series ‘Earth Cycle’ launched in summer 2019 and is currently airing on Sky channel Together. The series is currently being distributed globally to channels such as FOX in Australia and is also now on Norwegian, Finnair and Emirates airlines.

Simon is also a TEDx speaker. He has spoken at hundreds of events all over the world including the Frontline Club, the Eton Shackleton Society, Oxford and Cambridge universities and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

Simon has taken his travel tales on tour to hundreds of private members’ clubs, schools, universities, corporate and public events all over the world, including The Frontline Club, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Eton and Tedx. Here’s the link to his TedX talk:

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