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For five days a year 200,000 people descend on Glastonbury for the music festival, but what does the town do for the other 360 days to keep the visitors coming?


No pier... no Michelin stars... no swimming pool... no Georgian architecture...


It doesn’t conform to anyone’s template for a model tourist venue – but then not conforming is Glastonbury’s thing. And surprise, surprise – the tourists are loving it!


It’s a story of inclusivity and tolerance in a divided country, portraying Glastonbury’s success in drawing people from all over the UK and the globe - whether they come to pay homage to King Arthur, for the healing power of crystals, drink a turmeric latte or just to gawp at all the wackiness. With the backdrop of the annual goddess conference, the film focuses on some of the town’s many colourful characters - all of whose livelihoods depend on tourism - from hotel and Airbnb owners, the people who run the local chippy and the Abbey Tea Rooms, wizards and priestesses, this film unearths the magic of the UK’s most out-there holiday destination.

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