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After a freak accident, experienced caver George Linnane, is left with multiple life-threatening injuries, within Britain’s deepest cave system…this drama documentary set in the Brecon Beacons tells the story of his remarkable 54-hour long rescue. 


With George’s life hanging in the balance, a team of over 300 individuals come to the rescue from Wales and across the UK, to try and save his life and bring him safely to the surface.  


54 Hours Beneath tells the stories of the determined volunteers, who worked for more than two days straight, to retrieve Linnane from the 900ft deep Ogof Ffynnon Ddu (OFD) cave which sits below the iconic Brecon Beacons National Park. With intimate testimony from the victim, George Linanne, as well as the extraordinary group of people who went to help him. These include the specialist medics and doctors who kept him alive, to the stretcher carriers, rope riggers and top side logistical team. Cave rescue is so specialized and technically difficult that the normal emergency services are unable to help.  All these people volunteer their time for free, training for years so they can respond to an incident like this. George would not have survived without this help.  For the first time George Linanne and his two friends and fellow cavers who  were with him on that fateful November day, all talk about the horrors of the accident.  


The story comes to life with specially shot drama reconstruction filmed in the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu (OFD) cave where the accident happened.  It also uses the members of the Mid and South Wales Cave rescue team, many of whom where there when the accident actually happened.  


This exciting and dramatic documentary drama has echoes of Touching the Void , 127 Hours  and The Rescue, about the cave rescue of the football team in Thailand. 54 Hours Beneath looks deep down into what happens when caving goes wrong, with as many twists and turns as the cave system itself. Most importantly this is a story of bravery, selflessness, and the insurmountable strength of the human spirit.  With revealing insight into the remarkable world of caves and cavers – a world that very few people understand and fewer still ever want to enter.  

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