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Amazon Prime releases Unknown Belize

Unknown Belize is our blue chip 4-part documentary series that we were working on last year. One Tribe are delighted to share that it is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. Watch here!

In this four-part series, we follow Belizean celebrity chef, Sean Kuylen, and LA-based journalist, Gelareh Darabi, as they travel through Belize, from north to south, exploring the wonders of its natural environment. They witness an astonishing range of landscapes and ecosystems, from idyllic islands to forests and wetlands, and meet local conservationists hard at work ensuring the protection of this rich and diverse land.

In the first episode, the pair head into northern Belize: known for its farming and its forests. While Gelareh visits a howler monkey sanctuary, Sean heads out to sea with a marine conservation team to catch and tag sharks. Further north, Gelareh joins another conservation group on a night-time crocodile hunt, and Sean goes birdwatching on the magnificent Crooked Tree Lagoon. We meet both pro and anti-conservation Mennonite farmers, before ending deep in the rainforest, where we learn about the epic struggles of forest conservation, as well as seeing more extraordinary wildlife.

In the second episode, Sean and Gelareh follow the course of two of Belize's major rivers: the Macal River and the mighty Belize River. Gelareh joins local rangers on a river patrol as they fight to protect the magnificent scarlet macaw parrot, before they both explore the country's largest pine forest, taking in Central America's highest waterfall and Blancaneaux, Francis Ford Coppola's forest eco-lodge. The Mayan ruins of Cahal Pech reveal some of the region's rich history, and following the course of the gruelling, four-day Ruta Maya canoe race takes the pair to the bustling capital, Belize City. From there, they head out to the islands of the world's second largest barrier reef to meet both fishermen and conservationists working to protect this idyllic environment and the wonders of the ocean.

In the third episode, the pair head into the tropical south. Deep in the forest, Gelareh joins jaguar conservationists at a huge, recently discovered cave, as they prepare to capture images of this fantastic animal with forest cams. Sean meets a local man who has dedicated his life to protecting the magnificent manatee, and Gelareh goes on a dive to see how locals are dealing with the nuisance of invasive lionfish: by teaching sharks to eat them! Local coconut and honey producers show how industry can be sustainable and environmentally friendly, and coral conservationists show how cultivating and planting coral can help restore damaged reefs - a lesson for the whole, tropical world.

In episode four, the pair head into the deep south, to learn more about the benefits of ecotourism and sustainable production. Sean tastes the local rum and Gelareh explores the richly biodiverse rainforest, where she meets a group dedicated to conserving the wonderful hicatee turtle. The ancient tradition of chocolate making gives a further taste of sustainable development, while out at sea a newly discovered reef provides an opportunity for conservationists from both Belize and Guatemala to work together and learn from each other.

The series ends with an interview with Belize champion and maverick environmentalist, Francis Ford Coppola, at another of his prominent eco-lodges. At the same time, we're given a privileged glimpse into a sacred, night-time Maya ceremony that aims to reconnect man with nature.

For some, our relationship with the natural world is a spiritual one, but it's entirely practical too. In fact, our future depends on it. Belize may be a little known country but, by bringing people together in a shared vision, there's a message here for all of us.

Ben Summers, Series Producer


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