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Augustine Ihm

Augustine Ihm

Speaker - Theologian - Activist

Augustine Tanner-Ihm is an exceptionally gifted individual. He is a published writer, accomplished theologian, inspiring speaker and presenter, who somehow finds the time to also educate and campaign for judicial reform.

Growing up in Chicago, he has travelled the globe speaking on matters close to his heart, such as race, reconciliation and spirituality. He has presented at schools all over the UK and the USA, and is an important figure in advocating for inclusion and diversion in the wider society.


Augustine has been a guest speaker for various institutions, such as the Durham Student Union, BBC Breakfast, Church of England General Synod and the Houses of Parliament. He has featured numerous times on radio for the BBC and presented at several LGBTQ+ events.

Augustine has written for the Church Times, The Moody Standard and The Church of England Newspaper. With degrees in Education and Theology from Durham University, he has previously studied at Northwestern University, Iowa State University, Sarum College and St Mellitus College.


Augustine enjoys travelling, writing stand-up, athletics, reading politics and making people smile. His life motto is investing in others to be the best version of themselves, and he surely is on his way to achieving this.

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