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One Tribe Talent

One Tribe Talent is a bespoke, factual-specialist talent agency, comprising of talent from across the UK. Based in Wales and Bath, we focus on presenters, journalists, broadcast experts and contributors for TV, Radio, Online and corporate work. Our talent tribe also includes writers, academics and celebrity speakers, voice-over artists and more. 

The Talent

Andrew Thomas Price

Adventurer - Bushcraft & Survival - Countryside

Anthony Crank

Actor | Wellbeing Mentor

Dr. Madge Dresser

TV Expert - Academic Historian - Speaker

Frances Donovan

Sports - Outdoors - Journalism

Jodi Anderson

Presenter - Public Speaker - Adventurer

Kari Herbert

Arctic & Polar Expert - Writer - Speaker

Lisa Gawthorne

Vegan Expert - Entrepreneur - Pro Athlete

Mick Dawson

Professional Sailor - Adveturer

Nerys Pearce

Athlete - Motivational Speaker

Philippa Forrester

Presenter - Speaker - Writer

Rohan Holt

Diver - Marine Biologist - Speaker

Tom Chapman

Barber - Author - Public Speaker - Educator

Anna Ryder Richardson

Presenter - Radio - Speaker

Augustine Ihm

Speaker - Theologian - Activist

Dr. Rory Cox

Historian - Lecturer - Adventurist

Huw James

Presenter - Public Speaker - Adventurer

Jonathan Truss

Wildlife Artist - Lecturer - Actor

Kate Probert


Lynda Bryans

Journalist - Presenter - Speaker

Muinat Abdul

Journalist - Presenter

Nick Corkill

Voiceover Artist - Photography

Rachel Colenso

Speaker - Author - Mountain Guide

Roxana Vilk

Diver - Marine Biologist - Speaker

Tom Maddocks

Money Reposter - Author - Speaker

Anne Ashworth

Property - Personal Finance Editor

Dale Templar

Speaker - Adventurer - Broadcaster

Edson Burton

Writer - Historian - Compėre

Jason Bailey

Presenter - Adventurer - Corporate

Joshua Styles

Botanist - Ecologist

Lauren Eyles

Marine Biologist - Conservation - Wildlife

Michael Lazaris

Veterinarian - Presenter

Ned Schärer

Presenter - Crafteman - Teacher

Paul Thomas Bell

Presenter - Writer - Public Speaker

Richard Mainwaring

Presenter - Musician - Author

The Hann Family

Scotland's Biggest Family

Yuko Suzuki

Presenter - Journalist - Writer

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