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The Hann Family

The Hann Family

Scotland's Biggest Family

Emma and Roy Hann are a happy-go-lucky family from Dundee. Emma owns her own cafe while Roy works as a nurse in his local ICU. They also happen to have 13 children, making them Scotland’s largest family. One of them, Annabelle, has just returned home from university and is training to be a nurse. They also have a dog named Buster. They’re known by name in their local Tesco and frequently shop at wholesale cash and carries – buying toilet paper in orders usually meant for small businesses rather than families.

The family have made multiple TV appearances, including ’15 Kids and counting’ (CH4) and ‘My Life: My big family wedding’ (CBBC). On Father’s Day in 2017, the family took part in the launch of Cancer Research Race for Life Family 5K.

Meet the children:

Rachel, the oldest, is married to Charles. Rachel is a PA for a legal firm, has a degree in behavioural science, and lives in Livingstone. She’s often regarded as the smart one.

Sophia works as a carer. She is a qualified EYP and during the Covid19 pandemic took on a second job working at Dad Roy’s hospital.

Polly is married with two children of her own, Lachlan and Mylo. Polly is a stay at home mum while her husband, Michael, is a manager for an online shopping company. Polly has the ambition to become a paramedic one day.

Charlotte works in a café and lives in York with her boyfriend, Chris, who is a structural engineer. Charlotte has a very bubbly personality.

Alice works for a high end online designer clothing company. She loves movies, music and making videos.

Annabelle is studying Nursing at Edinburgh university. She is smart, witty, and was born in USA.

Jennifer is quite shy in public but not in the house. She can often be heard singing at the top of her voice. She was also born in USA.

Isabella is training to be a hairdresser at college. She loves to dance and is described by the family to have a wicked sense of humour.

Jonas is the first boy and loves to play on his Xbox.

Enos is a real character. Mum and Dad say he can be challenging but has a beautiful singing voice, and thinks he knows everything.

Eva is a hard working ethic but apparently has to be right! She also loves gymnastics.

Posy is the calm one and loves to dance, but often is said to be “too lazy” to go to classes.

Meg is the golden child with ‘a million Mums’. All her big sisters want to treat and spoil her all the time. One day she wants to create her own YouTube channel.

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