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Rachel Colenso

Rachel Colenso

Speaker - Author - Mountain Guide

Rachel hit world headlines when she was stranded on a sheer face at 3000m during an extreme blizzard in the Swiss Alps. After two nights on a tiny ledge with 1000 metre drops each side she was evacuated by helicopter.

Rachel is a popular conference and inspirational speaker, has appeared on a number of films and TV and one of just a few female mountain guides in the world. The TV film of her survival on a sheer cliff, broadcast in numerous countries has earned Rachel an international reputation, and her dramatic account has people on the edges of their seats, and thinking for a long time afterwards about strategies that they can translate into their own work environments, or in their own lives. It also makes people aware of what can be accomplished despite unforeseen events or plans that don’t run smoothly. (Film and TV engagements include: FreeFall – US feature starring Julia Roberts brother Eric, an Australian Soap, Stunts for ‘Home and Away’, German and South African commercials and presenting on a BBC children's’ defence and martial art program with Major Phil Ashby, BBC challenge docu in Belize, Channel 4, and Animal Planet.)

Over the last ten years Rachel has engaged with an impressive list of corporate clients who have endorsed her speaking. Over 80% of her events result from repeat bookings and referrals from previous clients. Having additionally worked for three years in the pharmaceutical industry and run her own company, Rachel naturally makes the connections between leading teams up difficult and demanding mountain faces; or competing as an effective team member in adventure racing events, and the hurdles and challenges one faces in a business context.

Rachel is well informed, articulate, and confident at communicating her message to senior level management at international conferences as well as delivering highly personalised addresses to smaller teams within the confines of their own office space. Whether a large auditorium or small office space, the ability to reach out and touch people’s minds in a positive way is at the heart of Rachel’s success as an inspiring speaker.

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