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Nerys Pearce

Nerys Pearce

Athlete - Motivational Speaker

Nerys Pearce joined the Army as a combat medical technician in 2004. She taught medical skills to soldiers heading out to the front line and competed in a variety of sports. In October 2008 she was hit by a car reversing off a kerb and injured. Her injuries lead to her being paralysed from the chest down and suffering from severe mental health problems. The medications to stabilise her lead to her weighing over 18st and she was bed bound. Severe depression set in and she tried to end her life.

In 2014 she was introduced to an amazing charity, BLESMA. With the support of this charity and other people she has rebuilt her life. Competing in high level sports, setting world records and completing huge endurance challenges.

She now uses her life experience to help people improve their skills in overcoming adversity and being resilient by facilitating workshops. This includes young people, health and front line workers. She also volunteers with Pets as Therapy assessing dogs and cats to go into a variety of settings. They use the unique touch of animals and human interaction to improve other people’s mental and physical health. In her spare time she can be found enjoying the outdoors, travelling and most importantly spending time with her supportive family.

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