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Rohan Holt

Rohan Holt

Diver - Marine Biologist - Speaker

Rohan has over 35 years experience of working on marine wildlife in Wales as a marine biologist for Natural Resources Wales and their predecessors, and for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee on UK-wide projects. This work included surveys and analysis of marine seabed communities, marine mammals, seabirds and non-native species.

Rohan left NRW in 2016 and formed his own independent company, Cloud Base Productions, specialising in underwater video/photography, aerial imagery and marine biological survey and research. Rohan is a professionally qualified diver (HSE Part IV) with over 3,200 dives and have worked primarily under the Scientific and Archaeological and the Media Health and Safety Executive codes of practice. He also holds an in-date medical, Diver Medic Technician certification and various technical and instructor diving qualifications. Rohan has been working as an underwater camera operator for various companies and projects and also provides technical and safety support and advice on diving matters. He has a PhD in Zoology from Glasgow University.

Rohan is also an experienced seafarer and commercially endorsed skipper and has worked on various vessels for a variety of projects ranging from offshore scientific ship-based studies (e.g. diving monitoring survey and filming at Gough Island, South Atlantic on board the MFV Edinburgh for 6 weeks), filming from a yacht in the British Indian Ocean Territories, Chagos Islands (4 week voyage) and 8 weeks filming on board the tall ship Pelican of London during a circumnavigation of the UK as part of the Darwin 200 Initiative.

He’s coordinated and run marine biological surveys using a variety of techniques including diver-video, remote video and acoustic techniques in Welsh waters from RIBs and larger boats. When Rohan isn’t on a diving survey or filming on location, he works for RibRide as a wildlife tour guide and RIB skipper around Anglesey where he gets the chance to introduce members of the public to some of the marine wildlife highlights found around our coastline. Rohan has spoken publicly on numerous occasions through a variety of fora including scientific conferences, natural history and wildlife interest groups, dive clubs and more recently while in lockdown, to a variety of audiences using Zoom.

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