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Jodi Anderson

Jodi Anderson

Presenter - Public Speaker - Adventurer

Jodi Anderson is the young and dynamic owner and Managing Director of Govindas Foods. Jodi was born in the Welsh Valleys and set up her company close to home, Govindas is the only fully vegan food manufacturer in the UK. Jodi was at the vanguard of the current growing trend and demand for vegan food. As both a vegan veteran and a successful young entrepreneur, Jodi is fabulous choice for TV, radio and on-line as a food and business expert, but she is also wonderful inspirational speaker.

Jodi graduated from University of Glamorgan with a degree in Business and Marketing. Whilst she was studying, she was also juggling two jobs, one of which was as a waitress at her father’s vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Whilst waitressing, she asked her father is she could sell his food to local businesses. Within 6-9 months, Jodi had convinced several welsh universities such as Swansea University, Cardiff University, and Aberystwyth University to stock her vegan and vegetarian food for their students.

One of the best sellers at the family restaurant was a vegan cheesecake. Jodi started contacting British food distributors, one distributor asked her to bring a sample for him to taste in London, to which he said: “this is the best vegan cheesecake I have ever tasted”. This then led to Jodi opening her food manufacturing company Govindas Foods. Since then the company has grown a range of new products and now produces and markets the “Feed Me Vegan” brand collaboration with the well known vegan and news correspondent Lucy Watson.

Jodi has done many interviews about young women in business for the BBC and BBC Wales. She has also had her first major on-screen debut in a new vegan based TV series for BBC3 called Veganville.

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